Photographs that capture nature from its natural state and wildlife from its natural habitat.

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Type: Photograph (Digital or Traditional) (Raw preferred, Jpeg accepted) (No AI-Generated)

Minimum Resolution: 72 dpi

Minimum Size: 5000 x 4000 px

Orientation: Landscape or Portrait

Setting allowed: Natural setting only

Judging: Judges will be looking for the Meta Data for the minimum size allowed

Entry Fee: $20 per Photo

Copyrights: Entrant must own Copyright to their submitted photo(s).

Usage and Terms: By entering UOL World Photo Awards, the photographer grants UOL World Photo Awards and its partners an exclusive license to publish the photo(s) for any purpose directly connected with UOL World Photo Awards.

[Note: Please enter your Photo(s) in the right Category (e.q. If your Photo(s) is captured using Artificial Lighting, please enter it in Category or Categories where Artificial Lighting is allowed. Please do not enter it in Category or Categories where only Natural Lighting is allowed.)]

[Note: Please do not submit AI-Generated Photo. We will know if it is AI-Generated.]